Sam S. Pirnazar Biography

Sam Pirnazar is an entrepreneur and a consultant with a diverse background in business and industry. His business expertise includes direct executive and operational level management in three key industries: Entertainment, computers (hardware and software), and book publishing.

Mr. Pirnazar has been among the first developers of interactive computer programs in the country. He has successfully invested in and managed various aspects and phases of corporate capitalization, finance, management, business affairs, product development, marketing, acquisition, and distribution in the computer industry. His initial venture, Compu-Psych, was the first successful producer of computer hardware and interactive software for the mental health profession. He sold this company to National Computer Systems at a profit in 1983. Its product is currently installed in most hospitals and clinics, in many private professional mental health practices. He is also among the early developers and marketers of various new media products.

Additionally, as a co-founder of a book publishing company, Test Corporation of America (also sold at a profit to Pro-Ed Publishing Company), he has acquired first hand top-level knowledge and hands-on experience in the book publishing industry.

Mr. Pirnazar is a part owner, and was until the end of 1993, the Executive Vice President of Trimark Pictures, a full service integrated independent entertainment company. Founded shortly before Mr. Pirnazar joined it as a consultant (and later as an investor and executive in 1987). Trimark Pictures was taken public in 1990, and ranked among the most successful independent motion picture companies in Hollywood. Mr. Pirnazar retained ownership interest in Trimark and consulted to the company until it merged with Lions Gate Entertainment in 2000.

Mr. Pirnazar earned his BA and MA and PhD in Economics and Political Science all from the University of Kansas.

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